Cruise at Lake Balaton

You need to board a boat to reach the sea of experience.
 Boat trips, pleasure boats, disco ships, ship rental, sailing camps. Take your pick of any boat experience at Lake Balaton.

Bamboo Island wakeboard and surf with training opportunities, water volleyball

Bamboo Island is located 5 km of our hotel on open water. The island’s course can be used with water ski, wakeboard, monoski, wakeskate, and landlock.

Balaton Go-kart

Go-kart rental for individuals or groups, 5-10 minute long races, on-demand rental options, the go-karts can be rented for just a few hours, in Zamárdifelső.

Zamárdi Adventure Park

The Zamárdi Adventure Park is located in a marvellous, 35,000 m2 large grove area, and it provides endless opportunities to spend your leisure time actively.

Balatoni Bob Leisure Park

Known as a destination for leisure activities and trips, this leisure park was built around two, altogether 1.5 km long bob tracks, and it is open all year long, providing many other entertainment options besides bobsleighing.

Töreki Nature Reserve

Töreki Fishponds Nature Reserve, which was established in 1994, is located on the western outskirts of Siófok, between the loess hills formed after the drying up of the Pannonian Sea during the Early Pleistocene epoch, in a valley running perpendicular to Lake Balaton.

Veszprém Zoo

Providing a pleasurable relaxation for any age group, a zoo trip can be an all-day long programme in the course of which the visitors can explore the wonderful world of animals and meet their favourites.

Bella Puszta Horse Farm

The horse farm is located just 5 km of the centre of Siófok in a pleasant environment, and it awaits visitors every day of the year, including weekdays and public holidays.

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